• Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Flippin Hampton Roads

Veteran Owned Real Estate Investing Company


Q: If I consider selling you my property, what is the process?

A: Our process is rather straightforward. Call our office directly at (757) 598-1887 or fill out the simple online information form provided on our website.
We will gather information on the property, to include repair costs, comparable sales and other costs associated with purchasing homes/properties, and we will come up with an offer price. We will then contact you with our zero-obligation cash offer for your property. If you choose to sell us your property, we will take care of everything with the legal professionals that we work with on a daily basis and set a date to finalize the closing.

Q: What fees do you charge for writing an offer on my home?

A: None.  We never charge a fee for our services. If you decide to accept our offer, we move forward in the closing process. If you decline our offer, it STILL costs you nothing.

Q: Will you pay full price for my house?

A: Most likely not. As each home is unique, the price we offer is unique to each home and it’s situation. The cash value of each home depends on numerous factors, to include, but not limited to:

  1. current market condition
  2. Your home’s AS-IS condition
  3. time, materials, and labor needed for repairs

We will offer you the most fair price that makes sense for you and us.

Q: How soon can you make me an offer on my home?

A: How soon can you give us access to your property? Once we see the canvas that we are working with, it usually takes 24 hours for us to come up with a reasonable offer price.

Q: Why should I choose you?

A: As i’m sure you are more than aware, we have plenty of competitors out there. At FlippinHamptonRoads.com, we believe we have the edge over our competition. We are local and work in the community we invest in. As we work with Local real estate agents to get the best comparable numbers, you can trust that we base our cash value offer for your home on an up-to-the-minute understanding of the market in our area.
We value your privacy as much as you do. Many of our competitors sell your information from their online forms to third party’s. As our integrity is on the line, your contact information will ONLY be limited to FlippinHamptonRoads and will not be sold to 3rd party’s.  One of the reasons we have legal representation is to keep everything on the up and up.

Q: My house needs a lot of repair work, will you still buy it?

A: ABSOLUTELY!! Our cash offer on your home is for your property in it’s AS-IS condition. This means you don’t have to make any repairs on your home to sell it.

Q: Am I under any obligation to your company if i fill out your form?

A: You are not. We value your time. If you choose not to do business with us, we will understand. This is your property. You have the final say whether or not you do business with us.

Q: Who does FlippinHamptonRoads buy property from?

A: GREAT question! All types of people sell us their properties. They all have one thing in common: they want to sell their home quickly for cash and with no hassles. Those that we have done business with in the past have the following similarities:

  • Sellers did not have have success with an agent
  • Sellers wanted to avoid commissions and keep that money for themselves
  • faced job transfers that came up quickly
  • title issues
  • behind on payments
  • landlords wanting to liquidate
  • inherited a property that they don’t want
  • divorce

We have been through and seen a lot of reasons people just like you NEED to sell their house. Feel free to send us your information. It costs nothing to ask.

Q: Do you purchase land?

A: We buy all types of real estate, duplexes, triplexes, condos, land…..etc

Q: This all sounds good, how do I contact you?

A: It’s up to you! Fill out our sellers form here on our website, or feel free to give us a call at (757) 598-1887. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sell to us today! 757.598.1887